What is the Tower Garden

Thanks to the Tower Garden, growing healthy, fresh produce at home has never been easier or more sustainable.

The Tower Garden is a plug and play vertical garden

The Tower Garden aeroponic vertical growing system is perfect for patios, decks, balconies, rooftops, driveways, small spaces, and other sunny areas. It is ADA-friendly, and easily accessible without much stooping or bending. Plants are grown from seed in rock fiber cubes and then transplanted into the hollow vertical towers, where they grow in an accelerated fashion. The plants are “ultimate organic” because there is no dirt, and everyone is in complete control of their own food safety. It works by a low-voltage pump pushing nutrient water up a hollow tube so it can rain down on the plant roots, stopping regularly on a timer to allow a period of oxygenation for faster and more abundant growth. People can enjoy the tasty produce of many kinds of vegetables, greens, fruits, and edible flowers right out their door. Most foods, except root vegetables, can be easily and efficiently grown in the Tower Garden


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Top 10 Tower Garden Plants to Grow


A favorite herb of beginner and experienced gardeners alike, basil is easy to grow and useful in the kitchen. (And let’s not forget its amazing aroma!) Basil grows well indoors and out.


Recently listed among the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, chard is a versatile, tasty green you can grow indoors or out, regardless of the season


Nothing says summer like a cucumber! And since consistent watering isn’t a problem, Tower Garden cukes will be some of the best you’ve ever tasted.


If you’re looking for an easy way to grow eggplant, look no further. From the tiny Thai to the big barbarella, you can grow your favorite eggplant varieties with Tower Garden.


Kale is one of the newer celebrities in the food world. And it’s unbelievably easy to grow with Tower Garden. In fact, you might have trouble keeping up with harvests!


Among the most cost-effective crops you can grow, lettuce flourishes in Tower Garden. And it grows quickly, too—it’s often ready for harvest in as little as three weeks!


Sweet or spicy? With Tower Garden, you don’t have to pick. You can grow any variety of pepper you like—as long as you’re prepared for abundant yields!


There are many different varieties of squash—and you can grow them all with Tower Garden. A popular crop among gardeners everywhere, squash can be quite prolific (and delicious).


Sweet and satisfying, strawberries of any kind are pretty much irresistible. Tower Garden strawberries are doubly so—which is probably why some people have dedicated entire Tower Gardens to growing only this flavorful fruit.


What’s a garden without a tomato plant or two? With Tower Garden, you can grow any type of tomato you like—from mini, dwarf varieties to monstrous, indeterminate heirlooms